A Month of Vegan Eating–Inconsistently Yours

close-up-pumpkinsDSC_2254I’m in the midst of an anxiety attack (did you hear the speech at the U.N.?). I admit much of my concern is global but, in the end, just like politics all anxiety is local. So here goes.

I’m worried about the planet and the news and people perched on tiny islands in the middle of an angry sea. And what I like to do when I’m worried is to think about–and cook–food. And what I like to do when I’m angry (which sad to say is every day since last November) is walk away from the increasing incorporation of everything and to re-connect with the actual local world. I meet a friend at a little family owned and operated business (yay! Jammin’ Bread), and eat a sandwich built on bread baked on the premises. I walk in the park that’s two blocks from my house. I go to the Farmers’ Market.

blue squash

It’s not that everyone agrees with me at these places. It’s just that they’re real. When I make a meal that is appealing and healthy, with onions grown near by and chopped with my own little hands I feel like I’ve regained just a little bit of my power.

So now I’m doing, maybe, something extra empowering and crazy. I’ve signed up to cook and photograph and eat and write about food for a month. Inconsistently, of course. I’m hooked up here courtesy of Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food) 2017. The food will be vegan and hopefully tempt all of you to eat your beautiful locally sourced (or not–we’re inconsistent, right?) greens.

I told you I’m anxious.

More tomorrow.

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