I Can Resist Everything But Temptation: The Allure of Fast Food (and an Alternative!)

noodle bowl

Ok. Here’s how it goes at least two nights a week. By the time we leave school it’s close to 8. By the time we get home it’s even later. My partner succumbs to the lure of Mr. Taco, but since I learned that they cook with lard (lard!) my lips are sealed.

Yes, I could eat a bag of pretzels. Or popcorn. or find another fast food establishment (believe me, I know where they are), a place that cooks their beans with vegetable oil.

I know last time I posted about fantasy banquets, but when I arrive home it’s way too late for all that.

But it’s Vegan MoFo. Come on! So here’s the wonderful thing that happened. I ground my teeth all the way home. (That’s not the wonderful part.) I opened the fridge and spied some plain whole wheat pasta left from last night. I saw a sliver of onion. Quick as a flash I threw the onion in a pan, added a can of water chestnuts and then the pasta. I chopped a radish and some cilantro. I found the soy sauce, a small bottle of rice vinegar and an open container of hot sauce. I grabbed some chop sticks.

I five minutes I was eating.

Who needs fast food?

Good bye, Mr. Taco.

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